Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is coop gaming?

A: Co-op gaming (AKA co-op, cooperative, co op, team play) is when you play a game with a friend and work together to progress cooperatively. Playing this way is often the most enjoyable because you make friends and develop a synergy that cannot be experienced through conventional game playing (ie: solo or multiplayer death match situations).

Q: What made you create CoopGamer.com?

A: I got frustrated time and time again with game sites either ignoring cooperative play, misrepresenting it, or covering it so poorly that it didn't answer any of the pertinent questions. I designed CoopGamer.com with the intention of being a supplement to all of these sites.

Q: Why are there no popup ads, banners, or spyware on CoopGamer.com?

A: First of all, I hate all of those. Second, Tina and I both work and we make enough money to support the site on our own. Perhaps we're still in that "naive" phase of our Internet hosting and haven't "sold out" yet. Maybe someday I'll add a link for people to donate through PayPal if they want, but that's about it.