Here's where you will find a variety of random stuff. Basically, it's my way of keeping the main menu from getting too cluttered.

Halloween 2008 - We went all out this year. 20 pics and a VIDEO!

Maui 2007 - A 5-day getaway across the Pacific that holds many great memories.

Halloween 2007 - The fourth year of our Skee Ball for candy event. Was it as good as before?.

Road Trip 2007 - Airplanes are for sissies. It's road trip time and we've gotta cover 5,000 miles through 10 states in 2 weeks.

Halloween 2006 - Some pictures of our Halloween 2006.

The Building of a Dream - This is the story of a garage that wanted to be more than just a place to hide bad Christmas gifts. It wanted to become a GAME ROOM! The stuff of legends.

Con Artist Confessions 2 - Short and sweet! This scammer has a fever. And the only prescription is more cowbell.

Con Artist Confessions 1 - It's the International Lottery Scam, but this guy was no match for the power of AOL teenie-bopper chatmastery. Chatroom - Update: I have made this readily accessible through the main menu now. Pick out a name for yourself and join the idling madness! We've changed to SigmaChat, which seems to be a good choice. Much easier to use and no restrictions on usernames. A really great program! If you see a red X when you go to chat, you need Java. You can get it free here.

The "Old" - What's green, black, and ugly? Well yeah, the Xbox, but so was the old site!

Trip to Taiwan 2005 - A load of pictures we took on our trip to Taiwan, complete with lame comments made by yours truely.

Halloween 2005 - Some pictures of our Halloween 2005.

Halloween 2004 - Some pictures of our Halloween 2004.

Curse of the Polygon - Some time ago, I wrote this article for System Zero back when I was a staff member there. It was rude, crass, and pissed several companies off... and it was also the most popular article I had ever written. Be warned that strong language and foul humor abound. I believe when I advertised the article, I made a banner entitled "Abobo May Cry" with a bitmap of Abobo's face with a tear drop Photoshopped into his eye.

HTPC Article - A basic guide to help people who are interested in building an HTPC get started.