Halloween 2005

Here are some pictures the second annual Skee Ball for Candy Tournament held at our home in 2005.

Meet Mr. Giggles, the skeletal pirate. He was our greeter this year and he worked out pretty well. Strong work ethic and attention to detail. Other than the whole "cursing my soul" issue, I have no complaints.

Of course, the main attraction of our event - the famous Skee Ball machine. We had one person win a "tombstone of sweet treasures" this year by hitting the 100 point hole.

Nothing like watching a holiday-related movie while waiting for Skee Ball contestants.

Here is little Atty in costume. He looks very distinguished, as a Count should.

Here is Tina - this is pretty freaky, especially under black light.

Speaking of freaky, here's me. Awesome costume, no? My favorite was hiding behind a barrel as trick or treaters got close and then running out with my arms flailing and screaming "I COME IN PEACE!" Many a pair of underpants were soiled that night.

Here are our pumpkins (mine on the left, Tina's on the right). Can you tell what mine is? It's hard to see Tina's since the light wasn't strong enough.

Can you tell what they are now? Mine was supposed to be Mazinger Z (aka Tranzor Z in the US). The top comes off like the hovercraft. Tina's actually had two sides. The other side was a skeleton kid holding a bag of candy. I love her owl carving, it's so perfect.

And that wraps up the second annual Skee Ball for Candy Tournament. Next year, our game room should be complete and we'll have even more surprises in store for our victims!