Halloween 2006

This was our third year hosting the Skee Ball for candy tournament and it got even bigger and better. We had our game room up and running and a new environment to scare people from...

The first thing people came to when they approached our house was the graveyard. Note that these pictures do not do the setup justice. The entire area was mostly dark with just some rope light and a strobe in the background that provided just enough light to see where you were going. The tombstones were all traced with glow-in-the-dark paint and I had a blacklight shining on them (that's what the wood at the bottom is hiding).

This was the main stretch and there was quite a bit going on. That makeshift area with the wood sheets was my ambush point. I would hide behind there and wait until just the right moment and then lash out. There was also a fog machine behind there which added greatly to the atmosphere.

First came the alien caskets. You might recognize these as our costumes from last year. The caskets were mostly dark, we had left each alien grasping a glow stick, as it if were its mission to attain - only to prematurely die from the mighty human viruses that permeated in the air. The real reason of course was because it provided really subtle lighting so people would have to look very closely to see exactly what was going on inside.

I had originally planned to be inside this costume and jump out at people as they peeked in to get a closer look, but the box was too restrictive for me to fit inside.

This grim reaper was on the opposite side of the caskets and was triggered by motion on the line or a loud noise, which Tina was able to control from a hiding spot. It lights up and creeps back and forth along the line while shrieking. It can be pretty startling when triggered right behind someone.

I'm particularly proud of this little scene. I have this punching dummy called BOB. Being only a torso and a head, he was a prime candidate to play the "construction accident" victim in this little scene (it looks like one of the wood sheets fell directly on him and severed him at the waist). The mask was a really good fit.

In the background, we had a Frankentstein lamp that I outfitted with a jacket and placed it higher up on a cropped tree. The goal was to kind of give an ominous vibe that he was watching you from afar and to draw attention away from my hiding spot.

After all that, folks would get through the gate and hang a left into the game room. Mr. Giggles directed them to where they needed to go. Note that we put the strobe light behind the fence and also had a fan blowing on Giggles, so it looked rather foreboding.

Once they made it inside, they were finally able to play a nice game of Skee Ball FROM HELL! It should also be noted that sometimes I would wait until they were already playing Skee Ball, and then slowly creep up and stand RIGHT behind them while making a faint growl..

Tina's pumpkin - a pirate ship with a lightning bolt striking down on it.

My pumpkin - which ended up looking a heck of a lot like the Gears of War logo. It was also splattered in blood.

We found a beautiful pirate/swashbuckler costume for Tina to wear this year.

Mark Costume

As for me... well I went for scary. Mouse over for a better look (you have been warned... although you probably already moused over it before reading this, mwahaha).

Hope you enjoyed the pics!