Halloween 2008

This was our 5th year of this event and it was the biggest yet by far. I had bought a bunch of props from Spirit Halloween after 2007's super sale in preparation for this year since Halloween was on a Friday.

Tina, Vicky, and Dan carving up some pumpkins.

Me on the roof prepping the lights.

Marlowe waving people in to their doom.

This thing is extra creepy when the wind blows.

You'll quickly notice that we reuse old props from year to year and just find new and interesting ways to present them. The body part BBQ worked well for Giggles.

This was the first trash can.

Alien dinner time. That cauldron was pretty cool. The steam effect looked great on film.

You never really see this guy in any of the videos, but I really liked the way he turned out other than the gloves (I think we changed them out after this pic was taken). This also was the costume I wore to work since my "real" costume was probably too much for some people.

This is me in true costume and in ambush position inside trash can 3. My back hurt from being in there all night, but it was worth it.

This pic gives you a better idea of the layout and length.

"What was that sound? Better go investigate."

Haha, his ass is on backwards.

Even though the door was basically on its own, it still felt kind of weird having this guy look at you from the other side of the glass.

Two face. He looks pretty cheezy here, but in darkness and fog he earns his keep.

Ah, the boozing, smoking, rollerblading fraternity ghoul.

Vicky in costume.

This guy freaks me out so much that I have to hide him completely in a garbage bag when I put him in storage.

When I first bought this it seemed kind of annoying because of the piercing shriek, but it ended up being a huge hit with our guests.

Tina in costume. Great height comparison.

The star of the show: A fully animatronic Jason complete with machete.

Click here for Youtube Video.

There is a high res version, but it is open to forum members only (200+ megs).

See you next year!