Maui in 60 Pictures or Less

Tina and I went to Maui in October of 2007 for a little bit of fun in the sun. We were a bit disappointed that it was much more industrialized than we had imagined. I mean, it kind of takes away from the whole "getting away" theme when the first things you see are Walmart and Costco. Nonetheless, there was much beauty to be found and captured. Join us and have a look at some of the things we saw.

This little bugger greeted us in our hotel room. That's OK, we had plenty of room to share. We stayed at the Aston Maui Lu in Kihei. We were pleasantly surprised at how nice it was, despite being classified as "budget" accomodations. For example...

This was the view right outside of our own balcony. It was just incredible. We left the balcony door open all night and just let the ocean waves lull us to sleep.

On our first day, we just kind of ran around abusing our rental car. This is one of many little stop offs we made. The ocean is such a nice shade of blue. The water was cool, but definitely not cold. Perfect for a little dip on a sunny day.

This is in the Iao Valley, which is touted to be one of the wettest places on earth. The area is surrounded by guava trees and you can smell the sweet odor in the air as you hike around the valley.

One of the sights to see here is this formation called the Iao Needle. This peak is known as the phallic stone of Kanaloa, Hawaiian god of the ocean. I am humbled.

Just a nice stream I took a pic of. There's just something about the mix of greenery and active water that makes me smile on the inside.

Much of the land here is actively used for agriculture while still having their own form of beauty. These irrigation ponds are growing taro.

There was a temple nearby that had some Asian-inspired architecture. I saw mixes of Chinese and Japanese style, and probably many more than I'm not even familiar with.

You may remember a similar tree from our Taiwan pictures. Looking at this one, all I can think of is what a great treehouse I could build on this.

This rooster was on a leash. I just thought it was kind of random.

I just love the Japanese tea garden style. If I had the time and money, I would remodel our whole backyard to look like this.

I thought that it was interesting how the wind and other elements eroded the surface of the rocks in this way. It kind of looks like a honeycomb.

Blow Hole

This is the blow hole, which is a very interesting natural attraction. The ocean carved out a cave underneath this mass of rock. Eventually, the force of the waves then broke open a hole above the cave. And now you have a blow hole that blasts whenever a large wave hits. Mouse over to see it erupt!


More interesting erosion. I imagine it kind of looks like an iguana staring at you.

Me after going down to the blow hole and getting blasted. I had slushy shoes the rest of the day.

Just a nice pic of the cliffside beach.

This was in the Maui Ocean Center Hawaiian Aquarium. This is a unicorn fish.

I don't remember the exact name of this invertebrate. I think it is a scarlet cleaner shrimp.

There is a lot more life in this scene than you may have noticed at first glance.

This is a pufferfish. He wouldn't puff up though.

This exhibit had many colors of coral. This guy was invisible when amongst the yellow coral, but he moved before I could take a pic of him in it.

This is a moray eel. These things creep me out.

This is a flounder. Nice camo!

Sea horses.

This octopus is watching you...

I don't remember the name of this one, but he looks pretty threatening. It reminds me of the fugu fish in one of my favorite episodes of the Simpsons.

A hammerhead shark on the move.

A beautiful sea turtle enjoying a relaxing swim.

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