Below, you will find some personal links that I like to check out from time to time.

Overclocked Remix: I've loved videogame music since the 8-bit days. OC Remix basically has artists take the music of videogames and remix them into exciting new tunes. Dig around, you're guaranteed to find something that'll stick in your head all day.

Game Trading Zone: How can a gamer stretch that gaming dollar? By trading games with other people rather than getting 1/10th of the value in credit at your local game shop. The Game Trading Zone is a community dedicated to this concept. I myself have over 100 trades. Update: There is no longer a subscription fee! Join up and trade away!

Couple Gaming: A site specifically for couples that game together.

Know of a site we should check out? Want to link to you? Email us and we'll have a look!