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Title: Coop Spotlight: Unreal Tournament (PC)
Post by: Mark on September 01, 2010, 12:02:08 PM

Unreal Tournament is a deathmatch frag fest at heart, yet it has provided Tina and I with some of our most entertaining coop moments.

First, let me just state that there is no coop campaign.  You basically have deathmatch and its derivatives (capture the flag, domination, and assault).  Tina and I play capture the flag the most, although team deathmatch is also very fun.

What really makes this game in the coop department is the enemy AI.  There is so much flexibility and customization, you can completely modify the feel of the game with a little bit of tweaking.

I basically made 12 AI bots with different names, models, personalities, and skill levels that are our constant rivals.  1/3 of them are basically set to fodder levels of intelligence.  They run around, sometimes shoot, often miss.  They are there to serve as our meat pinatas.

The next third are of average skill.  They get in the way enough to be problematic at times, but generally can be dealt with quickly if you know what you are doing.

The final third range from skilled to insanely skilled.  We call the top one "Death Bringer" and he is a vicious robot clown that jumps and strafes all the while mowing you down with precise accuracy.

This mix provides a really entertaining hostile environment with lots of gibs and enough of a challenge to keep you on your toes.

On our side, we play alongside two AIs.  One is Batman and the other is none other than Megatron.  You see, there are lots of mods and custom skins people have made for this game.  The Megatron one is particularly awesome as it also has its own custom sound pack (give him orders and he says "Nobody summons Megatron!" - watch him kill some enemies and he screams "Die Autobots!!!").  I myself use a Captain America skin while Tina uses a cute anime character skin.  The core game is excellent, but the fact that we can customize it even more into our own little world has really provided us with countless hours of joy.

This game is over a decade old and has had many sequels, but the original is the only one we still play today.  It just has this indelible level of gaming purity, weapons we love, and of course the customization.

If you played later versions of UT and didn't like the feel, I recommend you give the original a try anyway.  They don't make them like this anymore.
Title: Re: Coop Spotlight: Unreal Tournament (PC)
Post by: Mark on September 17, 2010, 10:54:35 PM
First screenshot:  Tina inflicting mortal damage with the shock rifle while I support with the plasma blaster.