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Author Topic: Review: Big Brain Academy - Wii Degree (Wii)  (Read 1879 times)


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Review: Big Brain Academy - Wii Degree (Wii)
« on: May 13, 2008, 04:17:43 PM »

Big Brain Academy is one of those "train your brain" games which give you an array of minigames that focus on various areas of logic, memorization, and so forth.

Most of the games are actually quite good, although a few end up failing at what they intend to test with poor implementation (i.e. the "identify the picture" game).

Some are just amazing though, such as the game that has you logically mapping a train's navigation orientation to reach the goal or knocking out bricks to match an established pattern.

The graphics are pretty basic, as you've come to expect from games of this sort.  The music is surprisingly catchy and pleasant.

So what about the coop?

Well the promo for this game has the following to say:

Multiplayer versus and co-op play modes also have been added, allowing players to use the title as a brain-training exercise or a raucous party game.


Versus and co-op multiplayer modes that people of any age or education level to play together.

No brainer, right?  Wrong.  First, let's define coop.

To me, coop is two or more people playing on the same team, at the same time, against the computer.

There are a few modes which look like coop, but when you actually try to implement them, they either force you to take turns or force you to play on different teams.

In fact, the only time you will use a second Wiimote is when there is competitive play.

So if you are expecting you and a friend to play together with your own controls to cooperate and clear challenges, you will be let down (as we were).  This game fails on that front.

Note however that many of the challenges can be made easier by working together with a friend (although only one person gets to control the actual action).  A good example of this is the game where the blue and red balls get shot at a bucket and you have to count how many of each went into the bucket.  That game can get pretty challenging on hard, so we split up the duties with me counting one and Tina counting the other.  It is sort of cheating of course, but it made it pretty fun since we were able to work together.

Another good one for team play is the game where you have to keep track of the birds in the birdcages.  Basically, there are several birdcages and a select few have birds in them.  They show you which have birds for a couple of seconds and then all of the cages are covered.  Once covered, the cages will start to switch places and rotate and it's up to you to remember where all of the birds ultimately end up.  With a friend though, you can split up tracking duties to make it that much easier.  It can be quite fun and hectic as you try to assign who keeps track of what in those initial seconds.


On the single player scale, I give this game a 7.0.  There should have been more content given the price (this game is $50 at retail).  Some of the games are poorly implemented.  It's a good concept and mostly good execution, but feels pretty barebones.

On the coop scale, I give this game a 7.25.  The coop modes are a letdown and pretty much equate to false advertising.  However, you can still have a bit of fun playing some of the games with a friend helping even though it is not true coop.

Personally, I'd recommend this game as a rental but if you see it for less than $20 it would be worth picking up if you like brain games.

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