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Author Topic: Review: Command and Conquer 3 - Kane's Wrath (PC)  (Read 3643 times)


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Review: Command and Conquer 3 - Kane's Wrath (PC)
« on: August 28, 2008, 03:08:38 PM »

Tina and I enjoyed the original C&C3 and looked forward to this expansion.  If you are planning on buying it for the PC, note that this will require the original game.  If you are buying it for home console, you do not need the original (but it costs more).

What it adds:

Every faction gets two extra sub-factions that modify unit specialization (and sometimes provide unique units while preventing use of others).
Around 3 additional units for each faction.
1 epic unit per faction (awesome).
Many new multiplayer maps.
Campaign of 13 missions (1p).
"Global Conquest" mode (1p).

The Good:

This expansion adds a substantial amount of variety to CNC3, despite still being the same core game.  New units and factions to toy around with and of course many new maps.  The maps are especially appreciated for those of us that like to play coop games because there are a lot more 4+ player maps now.

The new units are pretty good and more or less patch up the weaknesses that each faction had against its counterparts.

The epic unit is especially fun.  You can only have one at a time, but it provides a huge boost to your arsenal and adds an even deeper layer to the overall strategy.

Overall the gameplay has improved a good deal and it is still great fun to play.

The Bad:

There is a very irritating bug that crashes multiplayer games, even over LAN.  Even after the patch, this bug still exists and it's incredibly annoying to be half an hour into a fantastic match where the tide is finally turning in your favor only to have the game get desynched.  It doesn't happen all the time, but it is frequent enough to be mentioned.

There is also an annoying harvester bug that will stall your economy if you don't babysit it.

The campaign is pretty weak and forgettable.  It tried to combine a sub-faction/new unit tutorial with a story and did neither well.

The music is still underwhelming with the exception of the remix of the original "Act of Instinct", which is excellent.  Too bad it only plays after a match is over.

This game has possibly the most irritating title screen I've ever experienced.  Both the music and graphic are austere.  It also has an unskippable long intro with the company logos and such.  Stuff like this needs to be mentioned so that they will stop doing it.


I really enjoyed the original and this expansion made it even better.  The expansion can be had for $20 or less, which in my opinion is a fair deal.  You get quite a few goodies that add significantly to the life of the game.  If you liked Tiberium Wars, I think this will be a worthy purchase.

I give this expansion the same score as the original - 8.25 for the single player and a coop rating of 8.5.  It deserves higher for the improvements it brings, but the lack of solutions for some very major issues holds it back.  Perhaps in another patch or so these will be resolved.  However, with the release of Red Alert 3 looming, I think their attention is diverted elsewhere.

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