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Author Topic: Review - Ghostbusters (Wii)  (Read 2421 times)


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Review - Ghostbusters (Wii)
« on: July 14, 2009, 05:52:43 PM »

First off, why did we choose the Wii version over the 360/PS3?  The Wii version is the only one that offers local coop play.  The others have coop too, but it is online only.  The 360/PS3 versions are superior if this is not an issue for you.

I should note that you can only play coop once you start a mission.  That's not really a problem since that's where the bulk of the action is, but it's kind of odd that you can't explore your headquarters together.

The first thing that you will notice is that the graphics are rather drab.  The characters and enemies are good, but the backgrounds are pretty dull.  It's not too significant once you start blasting everything, but the graphics certainly lack the polish of Nintendo 1st party titles.

The sound is good.  Decent voice acting by some of the original movie crew and music and sounds are taken right from the movies.  Still, nothing really stands out other than the Ecto-1's famous siren which you only hear at the start of a mission.

The gameplay is a mixed bag.  Once you get all of the weapons, you have a decent array of things to do to take out baddies, but for whatever reason you are constantly saddled with a gimmick that has you flicking the Wiimote in a pseudo-QTE style (multiple times per baddie, for multiple baddies).  It wouldn't be so bad if it was occasionally on boss fights or something, but you'll be doing it with mind-numbing frequency.  What's worse is having a second player on the same target does not double the damage or shorten the time needed to bag the ghoul.  If you're both on the same one, the game will kind of switch off between you both.

There are a couple of things that they do right with the Wii controls though that I enjoyed.  For one, if you get slimed, you can shake off the slime by waggling the nunchuk.  It's animated really well, so it's actually quite humorous to watch as you shake the slime off like a dog after a bath.  It's not frequent enough to be annoying unless your partner uses nothing but the slime gun.  The other thing is sliding out the traps.  It feels really natural, almost like bowling (you really don't need to make much of a motion, but it's fun to do anyway).

The game has some minor puzzles, but for the most part you are zapping and chasing baddies around from one location to the next.  You'll get funny cut scenes from time to time.  The writing is entertaining.  Nothing great, but above average for a game based on a license.  The length is just about right, although the replay value is not too high due to the very tired capture mechanic mentioned above.  Also, some of the puzzles require you to move objects around with your proton pack and that can get really irritating in corridors.  Plus, the constant aiming at the screen does get fatiguing for your arms/wrists.

I did really like the fact that laying ruin to everything actually increases your score and you get different titles depending on how much damage you did.  Also, they added pretty funny touches like a poster on the wall that has an oddly familiar plumber with the caption "Super Fungus Brothers".  The boss fights are fun and require varied strategies for success.  And finally, putting together the compendium is cool, although it would be better if you weren't interrupted by a stop screen every time you pick a card up in coop mode.

This was a pretty enjoyable rental for us, but there just isn't enough to keep us coming back.  On the single player scale I give it a 6.75.  On the coop scale I give it a 7.25.  It's certainly a lot more fun busting ghosts with a partner, even if she occasionally slimes you "by accident".   ;)
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Re: Review - Ghostbusters (Wii)
« Reply #1 on: July 16, 2009, 02:32:50 PM »
Yeah, in general I do like this game.  I am so glad they have the orginal soundtrack in there.  It is a good rental.  But the ghost/enemies get kinda repetitive and the battle system/control can be improved.



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