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Author Topic: Review - Terminator: Salvation (PS3)  (Read 5953 times)


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Review - Terminator: Salvation (PS3)
« on: July 31, 2009, 04:32:46 PM »

This game has local 2 player split-screen coop.  But there are no other multiplayer options whatsoever.

It is essentially a 3rd-person shooter.

The first thing you'll notice is that there's a pretty cool load screen.  Unfortunately, you'll see it so frequently that you will learn to hate it soon enough.  The programming is bad and clearly they have never heard of background loading.  You will have load times after cut scenes, between stages, and seemingly at random.  You even have to suffer a full load after restarting a stage you just died on.

The second thing you'll notice is that this is Gears of War based on a movie license, only rushed and without heart.  This game needed a minimum of 6 months more dev time plus someone in post production that knows what he's doing.

The graphics are OK.  Backgrounds and enemies usually look good.  But then you have bad textures thrown around, grass that looks too much like it was just tacked on with an editor, and character heads that are too big for their bodies.

The music is from the movies and it is quite good.  You'll hear the main Terminator theme in all its glory along with the "tuba of death" song in more harrowing situations.  It lacks variety, but they still did a nice job.  Sound effects are OK.  Voice acting is above average, although the lip synching is horrid.

The script is passable.

The gameplay is pretty competent.  But there's a pretty big spread between single player and multiplayer.  Tactically, the game calls for frequent flanking tactics to effectively put down enemies.  It's almost like Army of Two, only your allies are worthless and can't be commanded.  This all changes if you are playing coop.  It's actually pretty fun trying to outmaneuver and pincer enemies together, especially when you have multiple enemies to juggle.  Not to mention you can stock more weapons including grenades.

Also, coop means that if your partner dies you can revive him and avoid a restart (not applicable on the rail missions).  If you get downed, you can't move or shoot or do anything.  You pretty much have to wait and hope your partner clears the area (rescuing leaves you prone several seconds and will generally mean death mid battle).  It's still pretty nice though considering that some enemies will just up and one-shot you through a concrete wall from time to time.

There are roughly 3 main enemies in the game.  Three.  Little flyers, spiders, and endos.  There are a couple others you fight occasionally, but that's pretty much it for most of the game.  Suffice it to say, variety is an issue here.

There aren't a whole lot of weapons either.  Shotgun, a couple assault rifles, bazooka, grenade launcher... and a couple different grenades.  No sniper rifles of any kind.

The cover system is pretty good.  You take cover and you can fluidly move from one cover point to another.  It still won't help you much in single player.

There are several rail shoot 'em up stages, but none of them feel particularly fun or gratifying.  The aiming is really choppy and the levels themselves are rather uninspired.

Navigation is a mixed bag.  It's easy to find your partner and weapons because they are clearly outlined for you.  Very nice.  They sort of use signal flares to guide you from one waypoint to the next.  But often it's unclear exactly what you need to do.  In one of the early stages, you get ambushed by an endo.  There is a flare that leads to a corridor, but it was a dead end with a closed door (it has been established that doors are just texture paints and are non interactive), so I didn't go all the way down it.  Turns out I needed to walk down the dead end to automatically trigger a cut scene and end the stage.  The bus escort rails scene is even worse.

The game takes about 4 hours to complete.

If you plan to play this single player, I'd say pass.  It's a 5.0 in single player.  If you're looking for a short coop romp though, it's worth a rental.  I'd bump that score to 6.75 with a friend simply because it can be reasonably fun together.  Can't say there's any replay value whatsoever, so I wouldn't really recommend it as a buy unless you find it super cheap.  

In summary, Tina and I had a fairly good time playing through it, but we were happy to return it back to the rental store once we finished.
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