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Author Topic: Review: Plants vs Zombies (Xbox 360)  (Read 4024 times)


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Review: Plants vs Zombies (Xbox 360)
« on: March 31, 2011, 04:46:50 PM »

This review is for the retail disc version of Plants vs Zombies for the Xbox 360 (it's bundled with Peggle and Zuma).  I am not sure if this has any differences from the original Xbox Live version.  As far as I know, there is only 2 player local multiplayer.  Online is not supported (here's an article on why).

About the Game:

Plants vs Zombies is a tower-defense style game.  It all takes place on one screen and you select from a large variety of plants (and fungi) to defend your home from a bevy of brain-eating zombies.  A great deal of the game's charm comes from the comical juxtoposition of the two adversaries along with their stellar animations, sounds, and mannerisms.

Let me say that this is one of the finest "total package" games I have played in years.  First, this game retails for $20.  Nevermind that it comes with two other games (not a big fan of Zuma on the 360 as the controller is a major problem as opposed to a mouse, but Peggle is still great).  There is a lengthy adventure mode, which is long enough to be worthy of a full game in itself.  Then you have a variety of mini games, survival challenges, a VS mode, and a cooperative mode.  There is also a "zen garden" game for the obsessive compulsive where you can care for plants and sell them.  Many of these modes offer varied takes on the game that go in a completely different direction from the normal game (zombie bowling, whack a mole, and actually "being" the zombies against a set plant defense, to name a few).

Game is great.  Do not hesitate to buy.  Let me also add for you male gamers that are looking for something to break your girlfriend into your scene with - this is a pretty good choice.

What about the coop?

The adventure mode can be played completely cooperatively.  It isn't really anything special other than a second person sharing your resources (sun) and able to deploy plants and collect sun on the field.  Still fun, but don't expect much added to the gameplay.

The special cooperative mode does add a bit more of a twist.  First of all, you each choose your own plants, but you only get half the total slots.  This means you really have to cooperate with plant selection to make sure you have a proper defense against what you are up against.  Second, resources are not pooled.  There are coop resources you can collect (together) from time to time, but for the most part, whoever picks it up gets the  money.  Thus, you need to communicate and make sure that the income is distributed to the person that has the plant you need to counter whatever threat is at hand.  I find this mode to be more challenging than other modes because it definitely adds new layers of things to worry about while getting lambasted by the walking dead.  Nonetheless, it's also really fun.

In Conclusion:

This game is great fun by yourself or with a friend right next to you.  I give the game a base rating of 9.25 and a coop rating of 9.5.  The coop adds just a little bit extra to an already stellar game.  This game is one of the best gaming buys available today, especially in this day and age of getting nickel and dimed for "premium" content.
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Re: Review: Plants vs Zombies (Xbox 360)
« Reply #1 on: April 02, 2011, 09:28:06 PM »
I've bought this game on multiple platforms so you could say I'm a fan.


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