Pictures from Taiwan

Here are some pictures from our trip to Taiwan. It was my second time there and it was a blast seeing new places as well as visiting places for a second time (I was really young that first time).

There was this little store in the middle of town called "Hot Dog Toys". They have a phenomenol display of various Japanese action figures. We came here originally looking for Mazinger-related toys.

These are a couple trees at Ali Mountain. I don't recall the exact story, but there's something about the trees representing lovers. I'll have to ask Tina to explain it to me again.

We got up early to see the sun rise at the Ali Mountain. It was freezing cold up there.

This is the sunrise through a blue UV filter. I thought this was a pretty neat effect. This pic would make a pretty good desktop background.

There were some monkeys up there, this one carried around her baby. It was a little disheartening how people are still ignorant about feeding wild animals. People were giving them food still in wrappers and aside from the issues of dependence, health, and litter, they would also swarm around the road to get food, often in the path of oncoming traffic.

I think this is a picture of the second oldest tree at Ali Mountain. The very oldest one got struck by lightning as was downed.

This is "Sister's Pond". There's some silly story about two sisters falling in love with the same guy. And rather than fight over him, they both decided to drown themselves. I suppose it's a moralic story about family loyalty and putting the other ahead of yourself. But now you've got two dead sisters and a lonely guy...

This is the "heart tree".

You'll see temples all through every town in Taiwan. Some are small and simple, others are large and elaborate like this one.

Like I said... elaborate.

Now this is interesting. Apparently for one week a year, there is this really rare moth that flies into the temple and lands on the "God" figures they have in there. We came at just that time! If you look at the beard on this guy, you will see one of those moths. It's pretty large, maybe around 8" for its wingspan.

This is a stone carving on the outside wall of the temple.

This is a sculpture inside the temple.

A mountain stream. I just love natural water habitats.

This is at a park next to the Gu-Gong museum. I love man-made water habitats too.

The same park, it's so beautiful. You can see the museum in the background with the colorful design.

This guy bit me while I was taking pictures.

Spitting dragon fountain.

Here's little Tina wearing her Wizard of Oz ruby-red shoes. I love the way water flow is captured on film.

A cute little structure at the park.

Big fish! Consider that the "smaller" fish are about two feet long. This guy was king!

This is the bird's-eye view of the park. In the middle is the spitting dragon fountain I showed earler.

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